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Security does not need to be difficult and here are tips for better computer security to protect your privacy, data, and reputation.

Here are five simple computer security tips that will allow you to be safe online using technology:

  1. Make your passwords unique

If a cybercriminal manages to grab your password, they get the keys to your entire digital life and opening a very large security hole. It is recommended by cyber security professionals that you should use a unique password on every websites and app you log in to.

Sounds like a lot to handle? Use technology to manage technology as there are many password manager apps available for free that will generate unique passwords for the websites and store those passwords for you so you do not have to remember all of them.

  1. Keep your software up to date

Many cyber criminals wait and look for these entry points by accessing flaws in out of date software. Software and hardware manufacturers are aware that these flaws exist however they are constantly making updates and fixes to patch these security flaws.

  1. Backups

In this age of technology and digital media, everyone’s life and data online in one way or another. There is no substitution for data backups.  There are so many options including many cloud options. It is very important that you keep your data backups offline and not on the same device.

  1. Careful what you share

Once online, always online. The best way to avoid your information and data getting into the hands of hackers or cyber criminals is to be vigilant about what you share and post online.  Always keep in mind privacy.

  1. Use protective software

Sometimes the legitimate websites get hijacked by cyber criminals using malicious advertisements, bots, malware, and other tricks to get your information. Users are getting smarter and vigilant however you should always try to be a little extra defensive to be protected from ransomware.

Cyber security technology, processes, controls, and policies are designed to protect systems and provide better computer security for your network and data from cyberattacks from hackers.

If your organization uses effective cyber security, it will greatly reduce the risk of cyberattacks and protect from unauthorized exploitation of your IT infrastructure, network systems, and data. Contact BrickHost today to get started on setting up your own cyber security to protect your business.