Running a business is no easy task but with these seven easy steps to keep your IT systems secure, you’re well on your way. Even if your using a managed IT services provider, here are seven steps to keep your IT systems secure and avoid downtime or a security breach:

Step One: Your Passwords are Assets

Passwords may seem like a nuisance, but really they are a important part of the users digital security system online. Think of your passwords as a credit card, a social insurance number, or anything else with highly sensitive information. Protect them to protect yourself.

Step Two: Change Passwords Often 

To help protect your passwords, the best place to start is changing your password every few months in case it ever becomes stolen or compromised. If you want to make sure they change, you can get your managed IT services to implement an automatic policy that will lock your employees out of the system until they change their passwords according to company policies.

Step Three: Don’t Open Suspicious looking Emails from Unknown People

If you do not recognize an email address, do not even open the email, let alone download any attachments. Cyber security 101 has hackers send a malicious code to your computer via emails created to look like authentic business opportunities or from services that are known. Hover you mouse over and if the link does not look right or something completely different, avoid it at all costs.

Step Four: Software Organizations Don’t Call You

Still a popular and effective security breach to try and steal your personal information via phone. The cyber criminals will call you and pose as a government official, software company, security company, or anything else that may scare you into giving up your information. If you get a call from an unfamiliar number and this happens to you, ask to call them back and find an official number to dial to know if it’s the real deal or not.

Step Five: Train Your Employees on Security Threats

Technology is always changing and for this reason you should keep all employees up-to-date on security threats.  Never just assume your employees understand the importance of IT security or know how to protect your systems. By creating IT security best practices and training for your whole team, your greatly reduce the chances of a security breach.

Step Six: Keep It Updated

Companies are always releasing new software, hardware, patches, updates, and drivers for their systems. It’s a standard practice to include security patches and updates as part of your weekly maintenance and proactive management. Ignoring updates and patches will make your IT infrastructure vulnerable to cyber criminals.

Step Seven: Choose Your Managed IT Service Provider Wisely

You need to think long term when picking an outsourced IT support team as it is critical for your IT security. Make sure that you only outsource to the best IT support team. It is important to remember that management tools have a cost and this is the way to properly manage your network and keep it safe. It is extremely important that you proactively work with your outsourced IT support partner.

Running a business is no easy task, but with BrickHost, we will make sure your IT systems are secure and ready to go. Contact us below to find out more.