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Cloud services have seen a large increase over the years as business leaders are starting to better understand the capabilities and limitations of cloud services including the technology behind it.

Even though cloud services can be as secure as the legacy IT infrastructure system it’s replacing does not mean that organizations need to forget about their responsibilities related to data protection and privacy.

Cloud services security still needs to be a top priority for every organization as more mission-critical systems and highly sensitive data continue to go to the cloud using software, infrastructure, and other platforms. The public cloud services model is gaining a lot of ground and grew at a rate of 25.9 percent compared to the 18.8 percent rise seen in the private cloud service models. In second place, we have the hybrid IT cloud services model with wide options for organizations.

Cloud services computing adoption is getting popular. Data security continues to see healthy double-digit growth in cloud IT deployments in the market with an increasing preference for public cloud infrastructure.

Many organizations are modernizing their IT infrastructures as they have a larger number of viable cloud options including many as a Service offerings and traditional infrastructure. Poor business and IT practices can quickly translate to a data breach for your organization especially when newer technologies such as the cloud are in use and introduced to your employees.

Naked Security reported that nearly half of all companies are not encrypting their employee human resource records and medical files therefore putting employees at risk. By leveraging managed cloud security services for internal and external data protection needs, business leaders can often improve their overall resilience to disruption, breach and other costly problems.

There are many fears and myths surrounding the cloud and it can be confusing, but it’s time for stronger cloud service security and BrickHost is here to help you. Contact BrickHost today to get started on updating your cloud service security.