A recent study has shown that many ransomware victims are hit multiple times due to exposed infrastructure and weak IT security.
A security study released by an industry leading cloud data protection and management firm has shown that 50% of ransomware victims are hit multiple times. Over 830 IT professionals across the globe were polled for the security study to compile its Annual Ransomware Report.
Some of the alarming numbers from the security study were:
  • Eighty percent (80%) believe attacks are increasing and half of those to be multiple attacks
  • Sixty percent (60%) of attacks will exploit user’s knowledge by infecting endpoints
  • Thirty three percent (33%) of attacks occurred on corporate servers
  • Seven (7%) of cyber-attacks targeted cloud apps
These numbers should be used as a clear indication of the importance of a strategic plan to ensure maximum protection from ransomware.
With an alarming seventy percent (70%) of cases being multiple devices infected, the report makes a clear case for the value of speed-to-detection. It took many IT departments longer than two hours to detect such threats in forty percent (40%) of cases.
Organizations need to understand the importance of automated threat monitoring and detection systems within their IT infrastructure.
Data backups is also a key strategy. Eighty two percent (82%) of respondents claimed to have been able to recover data by restoring from backup.
Make sure your IT services provider is following the 3-2-1 rule: three backup copies on two different media with one backup offsite. Many ransomware victims are hit multiple times however you do not have to fall into the same position, get yourself protected now.