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Ransomware is no different than other cyber security attacks and organizations need to be proactive at staying vigilant to protect from hackers. Organizations are at risk of not keeping up with cyber security measures because of ransomware attacks.  Businesses which make adjustments to their cyber security and IT environments will be much better protected against regular cyberattacks from hackers and cyber criminals.

Ransomware is no different than other cyber security attacks and businesses should stop thinking ransomware is somehow unique to other threats to their business. Hackers and cyber criminals playbooks do not change much with time as there are many targets out there.  They take actions such as gaining access, increasing privileges, and stealing or destroying information. 

A ransomware attack is simply the ‘steal or destroy’ stage of the cyberattack in which a hacker runs a program to encrypt a victim’s data.  Next step is the same as a regular cyberattack, whether the aim is to start a ransomware campaign, spy on an organization quietly, or use the compromised system as a steppingstone to another network for a larger pay out.

Most business leaders believe that hacking relies on secret programs and knowledge only known to a few shadowy hackers and cyber-criminal groups.

Even though this is bad news for defenders, the hackers approach is typically straightforward and predictable. Detection and protection methods used by cyber security vendors against ransomware are generally tried and trusted because they are successful.

The true problem arises when a sufficiently motivated cyber-attacker can circumvent the systems cyber security protections, policies, and procedures. The result is an arms race in which the vendors of security products develop products to block attackers, who then learn how to progress, which then propels the vendors to adapt. It is a constant cycle.