Is your Wi-Fi not working? This might be why.

PS. This applies only to Windows 10 users.

When you turned your machine off, after you were done for the day, and then turned it back on in the am, did your Wi-Fi stop working? You might not be the only one. There has been an update within Windows 10 (and only Windows 10) that has caused some user’s Wi-Fi to stop working. Turning your machine on and off will simply not do the trick.

Without getting too technical, Windows 10 now has a hybrid shut down mode to enables it to shut down and boot up faster, called Windows 10’s Fast Startup. When Fast Startup is enabled, your computer doesn’t perform a regular shut down. Since applying new system updates often requires a shutdown, you may not be able to apply updates and turn your computer off. Restart is unaffected, though, so it still performs a full cold shutdown and restart of your system. If a shutdown doesn’t apply your updates, a restart still will.

Translation: That means that Windows 10 doesn’t shut down 100%. And this is not allowing an update to finish to completion.

To fix this issue, turn your machine on again and then RESTART.

This will perform a complete shut down and memory wipe. And, it should enable your Wi-Fi once again.

Voila, you are now one step closer to be a computer tech.

Now, if this doesn’t work, there may be other issues. Give us a call and we can help.

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