Is your organization trying to find a managed IT services provider to support your employees and IT infrastructure needs? In this article, we will list five key characteristics to consider when selecting a long term managed service provider for your organization. Here are the five key characteristics:

1. Comprehensive Technology Knowledge

The managed services provider (MSP) must have a broad set of solutions and services available to meet your business needs as well as the ability to scale and grow with your business.

2. They Follow Industry Best Practices

Like every other industry, there is the right and wrong way of doing things. They should be able to back up their knowledge, technology, and experience. Have any of their sites been hit by Ransomware? Have clients had to pay? Are they financially insured? How do they stay up-to-date?

3. They Understand You and Your business

You need to ensure that they understand your business, management, and employees. Technical support should be readily available, along with access to other team members from their technical team as required. A true managed IT services provider will be available to address problems and have effective IT solutions and IT troubleshooting capabilities.

4. They Understand IT Security

Do you worked in a regulated industry such as healthcare, legal or financial services? Security and compliance issues are paramount when it comes to IT security and the right managed IT services provider will have a robust experience with it. They can test your IT infrastructure and across several geographical zones. The managed services provider (MSP) should be able to continuously monitor cyber threats and ensure that each system is designed with redundancy.

5. They Are Scalable

Managed services providers (MSPs) are no different than cars. There are different sizes and options to meet everyone’s needs. If you select an managed services provider (MSP) that is large, you may not receive a high level of customer-centric and flexible IT support services required. Also, if you are a large organization and select a large managed services provider (MSP), it may lack the technical knowledge and expertise to offer the necessary tech support services support.

These five steps should help you if you’re asking How to Choose a Managed IT Services Provider. Consider BrickHost for your own managed IT service provider, contact us today.