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What Makes Brickhost’s Thunder Bay IT Services Different?


Brickhost is a leading Thunder Bay IT Services company. Discover what makes Brickhost different compared to all other Thunder Bay IT Companies.


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Discover Brickhost’s Thunder Bay IT Services Difference

Are You Having a Hard Time Finding the Right IT Team for Your Small or Medium-Sized Business? Discover the Brickhost Difference.

We’re in this business to help others have the IT foundation they need for their workflow so they can move forward and grow. We are driven by the thought that we grow with the companies we serve so we can all fulfill our goals.

IT Services

Are You Satisfied with Your Tech Support?

We have made it our duty to provide other companies with the IT solutions they need for all of their business needs no matter what industry they are in. With our thorough documentation and shared platform, you will have access to all of your data. Our outsourced IT support team acts as an internal part of your team and trains your employees on how to use the assets you purchase.

Brickhost techs have passed rigorous background, personality, and skills tests and are long-term employees. We provide career paths for our employees, so we have continuity of staff that provides continuity of service for you as our personnel is truly qualified to work in your high demand IT environment. In addition, all of our techs are Microsoft and Sophos Certified. You can feel safe knowing your IT team is one that has been working together for a long time and knows your company’s IT as well as you do.

Does it Seem Like Your IT Team is Learning as They Go?

It is not your job to train your IT techs. When you pay good money for an IT services team, you expect them to be professionals who know what they are doing before they start working on your IT problems. If you think that hiring the most expensive IT company on the market means you are getting the best service, think again. Just because they are expensive, does not mean they are better than the rest. It just means that they are expensive.

With Brickhost, you get a group of IT professionals that have been working together for years, so they work seamlessly as a team to keep your business flowing and protect your assets while keeping your company growing.

Thunder Bay IT Services From Brickhost IT Solutions

Not only do we offer data recovery, but we also have disaster recovery plans to make sure your business keeps on going rather than becoming stalled with technical issues. We keep an eye on your tech as well as your backups to make sure they are working. That way, you are assured that your production will not be slowed or stopped in the event of a glitch in the system. Our company is devoted to preventing IT issues before they start.

Brickhost provides:

Standardized Hardware – to make onboarding your new employees easy

Extensive knowledge in Printing/Scanning support

E&O Insurance – covering our client’s cybersecurity

Round the Clock Maintenance

Virtual CIO – executive IT consulting

PC and Server Support

Shared SOCS II Compliant Documentation support

Dedicated onsite Engineer with monthly visits

End-user Cybersecurity Training – for employees

Help Desk Support 24/7/365


Information Technology Aligned With Your Business Goals?

Brickhost is a complete IT services & IT support company working with organizations in Thunder Bay.

Managed IT Services

Cyber Securty

Cloud Technologies

Managed Print Services


Document Management