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As everyone gets challenged with cyber security protection, here are some simple tips for better computer security to help organizations stay safe.

Protecting your privacy and securing your organization’s computers is easier than most organizations might think.  Good network security is not only for large organizations.

Here are some simple tips for better computer security so you can secure your data and computer device.

Here are four simple tips for better computer security to keep you and your information safe.

  1. Use Unique Passwords

Do you reuse a password or the same password everywhere?   It is easy to reuse the same password across various websites, applications, and platforms but not the best cyber security practice.  This makes it easier for a hacker to break into all of your accounts including work, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  If a hacker manages to get your password through breaching one site, they get the keys to your entire digital life.  This is why you should use a unique password on each and every one of the websites you log in to or better yet, use a password manager.

A password manager can easily generate unique passwords for the websites you use and store those passwords for you so you do not have to remember them.  There are many password managers available that will integrate with your browser, so you do not have to look up passwords.

  1. Update Software

What is one of the easiest and fastest ways to protect your organization? Simple, ensure updates are done so you can stop hackers from taking advantage and gaining access.  Software that has not been updated allows hackers to gain control over your computer and network.  Software companies know that hackers take advantage of these flaws so they release updates, patches, and fixes to patch these security flaws.  It is very important to have your IT department or managed IT services provider update software and apps as it gives you the best most updated defense against hackers who might want to break into your network or computer.

  1. Data Backups Are Key

Every business and industry revolves around technology and data.  Data has become crucial and it would be devastating if we lost our data or could not access them as they were completely lost.  The solution is simple, ensure you have backups of your files.  You should have a physical copy as well as a cloud services option.  The key to data backups is to have backups somewhere off the device where those files normally live.  This ensures that if you were to lose the device, break a device, or suffer ransomware, you would have files safe offsite.  Proper data backups will give you peace of mind in case disaster strikes.

  1. Use Security Software

There are a lot of cyber security threats out there and it is hard to keep up with everything.  Even legitimate websites sometimes get hijacked by malicious advertisements.  There are also times that legitimate online services are hacked by cyber criminals and their customers are affected.  Vigilance is great but a little extra cyber security defense assistance can help.  You should look at a next-generation anti-virus with built-in artificial intelligence.   If a malicious program tries to install ransomware or spyware on your machine, it will stop it dead in its tracks.  This can save you from a lot of possible security issues, downtime, and loss of money.

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