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We can help you defend your system and protect your critical business assets. BrickHost network security systems are among the best in the industry. Our knowledgeable security specialists work closely with you to plan and implement a sound security strategy for your network.

Services Include:• Firewalls• Viruswalls• Authentication • Intrusion detection and prevention• Wireless security • VPN implementation

Our telephone solutions are built on industry proven open-source software and are far less expensive than our competitors while offering the same reliability and features, but without added costs for the features you want, additional users or costly hardware.


Services Include:• Virtual receptionists• Voicemail to email• Transcribed email• IP telephony

Slow internet? Dropped connections? Need additional ports for new computers or peripherals? We can fix or replace your router to improve your network and internet access, install network switches to accommodate more devices and work with you so that your network is running at top speed reliably.

Services include:• Resolving connectivity issues• Programming routers• Installation of network routers, switches and cards• Networking printers, TVs, game consoles and copiers• Setting up redundant Internet connections• Installing and configuring smart home devices (door locks, light bulbs, remotely controlled outlets, video systems, etc…)

Does your WiFi keep dropping out? If you can’t maintain a stable connection, or certain devices won’t communicate with each other, have one of our technicians swing by to troubleshoot your wireless network.

Services include:• Troubleshoot connectivity issues• Install and configure network cards and wireless connections• Configure and secure a router• Create a secure network• Setup network according to your preferences• Connect peripheral devices (printers, game consoles, smart TVs, etc…) to the wireless network