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As many organizations adapt the ever-changing world, the internal IT department has been challenged with new technology resulting in organizations asking what is the difference with managed IT services vs internal IT departments?

The internal IT department network administrator perspective.

When organizations lose their network administrator or rely on a junior network administrator, there is a large gap in knowledge and experience.  This when organizations learn of the information they have compared to the information in the head of the former network administrator. This can be a thousand questions about access permissions and infrastructure configurations. There will be a lot of reverse engineering trying to figure many things.  This can result in lost time, loss of productivity, and worse loss of data.

Fast forward to now and how managed IT services covers the gap.

The article title is managed IT services vs internal IT department however this is not about replacing an IT department, this article is about filling the gap and supporting an internal IT department.

Let us use the situation above where an organization lost their senior network administrator and now only have the resources of a junior network administrator missing information.  An organization can hire another senior network administrator that will be expensive, highly skilled, but the organization will still be reliant on one person.

Another option would be to hire a managed IT services provider to support the junior network administrator for less than the cost of one senior network administrator.  Managed IT services providers provide business proactive IT management and support for organizations.  They provide more in-depth IT investments without the burden of managing a large IT department.

Many organizations also use managed IT services providers to leverage advanced new cloud technology solutions since investing in and maintaining their own data center infrastructure is too costly.  A strong IT strategy is key to the growth of most businesses; ensuring IT supports growth and reduces, rather than adds to, risk.

It is not about managed IT services vs internal IT department, it is how they work together to form a win-win solution for organizations.

Managed IT services has now been around for many years.  Organizations should look beyond just a managed services provider and find a technology partner that aligns business goals with technology and budgets.

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