Cyber security is a moving target resulting in hackers increasing amount of fake emails to businesses in order to defraud.

Recently, a leading next-generation cyber security company released its findings from analyzing more than 600 million emails with alarming results. This is what they found out:

  • Targeted email attacks to businesses increased 85% from the same time last year
  • Targeted phishing links sent through social media platforms are up by 30%
  • Contributors and lower-level management account for approximately 60% of targeted attacks
  • Operations and production resulted in 23% of targeted cyber-attack victims
  • Client and/or customer support fraud increased by 400% from the previous year

Email cyber attacks are becoming well engineered. Cyber criminals are showing an increased level of planning and sophistication when it comes to emails and spoofing. 

Popular cyber crime techniques are:

  • Web crawling that is a program or automated script that browses the web in a methodical, automated manner
  • Web scraping is used to collect key information using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or through a web browser

Organizations must remember there are no shortcuts when it comes to security problems and protection. There are multiple factors when it comes to cyber security, including a layered approach to network security.

Cyber security is a moving target and it should have a multi layered approach, but it’s never too late to reduce your risk and stop the fake emails at your business. Contact BrickHost today to get started on reducing your risk and stop those fake emails.