After you have selected a web and domain hosting package, it’s time to build and design your website to look and function the way that you’re wanting with the use of a content management system (CMS). This is an application that allows users to publish and modify website content (text, photos, videos…etc.).

We recommend the most popular content management system; WordPress. There are thousands of free and paid themes to choose from on WordPress so your website can have the overall look and feel that matches your personal preferences and brand.  In addition, WordPress offers a great deal of user support.




Getting Started with WordPress

As mentioned in the previous blog, cPanel is the control panel that we provide with all web hosting packages at BrickHost.  In association with cPanel, we include a premium software called “Softaculous”. In short, Softaculous acts as a fast and easy installer for applications that you may need for your website.  The WordPress (CMS) application is included among many others available for download depending on the needs of your business – such as ecommerce applications (buying and selling functions), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications…etc.  When you install applications with Softaculous in your cPanel account, it allows for easy application management – they are all in one place!

A screenshot of Softaculous in cPanel:


How can I learn to use WordPress?

There are many free and paid online resources that provide comprehensive WordPress tutorials.

Check out:

•    WordPress website tutorials
•    WordPress tutorials on
•    WordPress tutorials on YouTube

How can I change the design of my theme to better suit my needs?

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the default features in your selected theme, here are some suggestions that can help you customize your website’s theme:

•  If you need to make only formatting changes to the layout of your content, purchasing a web builder can be helpful

•  Email the theme developer for support. Many theme developers on WordPress are quick to respond to user inquiries and will in most cases provide suggestions and/or step-by-step instructions

•   Ask an expert at Nalu – This is BrickHost’s sister company that specializes in web and graphic design.

What if I can’t afford the time to learn WordPress/ build my own website?

Like learning any new software or program; it can take time and practice. Again, this is where Nalu is here for you.  While providing very flexible payment options, Nalu can code and design a custom WordPress theme for your business’ website or help with customizing an existing theme.